Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

Traditional business operations are not constant and should not remain as such if you want your business to fully integrate with digital technology. However, technology can only do so much to improving your business unless it is applied based on the company’s visions, goals, and emerging needs. We at Biz Essential can be your partners to fully transition your company in order to empower employees, increase productivity, simplify workflow, and respond to the changing demands of the time.

What is digital transformation?

In essence, digital transformation is about the application and use of new technology to address issues, mainly manual tasks. One of the most common digital transformations a company can have is automation, which is simplifying systems for business operations. An example is transforming manual documentation to paperless digital documentation. Today’s digital transformation is not that different from the transition from analog to digital a few decades ago. If the transformation from analog to digital changed the face of entrepreneurship forever, just think of the possibilities the current technology can do for your business. However, the pace of transformation is uneven in a lot of organizations still, even if computers and the internet have become the norm.

Why do you need to use digital technology?

Reimagining business processes not only affects sales and marketing, but the culture and experience as well. It gives businesses the opportunities to interact with customers and reach out to more potential customers with the use of technology. Therefore, digital transformation is not only necessary to improve business processes but to use technology to do better business overall. It is not just the employees who will benefit but the customers and clients most of all. One aspect that needs to be highlighted when it comes to use of digital technology is information sharing. Once digital data is easier to record, catalog and access, the other business processes become more simplified. This is turn leads to proficiency among employees, increased production, and better customer service. One of Biz Essential’s services is Cloud Telecommunication, which if implemented, can transform how you do business and expand business potential.

What businesses need digital transformation?

In today’s digital age, use of technology is necessary. It is no longer a question of whether your business needs it or not, but what solutions you should use to meet customer demands and fulfill the company goals. Whether it is a small business or a multinational corporation, business digital transformation is a must as a way to future-proof expansion and sustainability. You do not want to be left behind by competitors and to lose your customer base because you cannot keep up. E-commerce has seen a boom the past several years because most customers now use the internet. If you tap into this market, your business no longer has to rely solely on brick and mortar stores. The need therefore for a robust infrastructure is necessary for safe transactions and customer interaction.

How can it improve customer interaction?

A lot of micro and small businesses have thrived in the past few years because of the use of the internet. This is why Ecommerce is a frontier that every business needs to look into. Digital transformation not only changes your current business processes but it also opens opportunities for other business classes. Your company has access to more customers and potential customers, that is why you need to rethink how to better interact with that market. Digitization is an opportunity that can be used to study your customers in ways that were not possible through traditional means. By adapting your business process to leverage digitization, you have more channels to do better customer service. A good example of this is through the company’s social media accounts. Customers can now reach out anytime, anywhere for inquiries and other transactions.

How can you reimagine your business using digital transformation?

While most digital transformations focus mostly on organizational transformation, there are three other areas to consider: business model, business process, and domain. While business organization and culture focus on long-term changes in the mindset and continuous learning, the business model is all about redefining traditional building blocks of value delivery. Business process transformation is about reinventing ways to do business in order to reduce cycle time and costs and to increase quality, while domain transformation focuses on the company’s products and/or services that go beyond what you currently serve.

We at Biz Essential understand that it is necessary for businesses to continuously challenge the status quo to better serve customers. Therefore, the solutions we offer are tailored to specific business needs and goals.

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